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Minimalism at Work

Minimalism at Work: Efficiency Through Simplification

Have you ever had it where you wanted to do something, but after a few minutes, you found yourself thinking about something else? About the next task or other essential matters in your life and work? Today, based on my experience, less means more and the role minimalism plays in improving the quality of our work.

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Unlocking the Power of Google Cloud Run in 2023

Unlocking the Power of Google Cloud Run in 2023

Are you looking to run scalable, stateless applications with minimal overhead and maximum flexibility? Google Cloud Run offers a wholly managed serverless environment, transforming how you roll out your container-based apps. In this blog post, we’ll explore how Cloud Run can help you achieve cost-efficiency and seamless application management while allowing you to focus on your core business logic.

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hexagonal architecture

Hexagonal architecture (ports and adapters): pros and cons

Today I will show you the hexagonal architecture, which is known as the ports and adapters pattern. You will learn the basics of this architectural pattern, as well as see its advantages and disadvantages. Additionally, I will show you cases where it is worth using this application design approach. The article discusses combining the hexagonal architecture with Domain Driven Design (DDD) modeling techniques.

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Charakterystyki architektury mikroserwisów

Microservices: pros and cons

Microservices is an approach to application development that is growing in popularity. They allow for easier application management, flexible changes and scaling. Each microservice is a separate component that can be designed according to business needs and meet user requirements more precisely. In this post, I will discuss the essential aspects of microservices architecture, the basics of the DDD approach, communication between microservices and the implications of using this approach.

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