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Turn your idea into a working product with an experienced programmer and software architect. Your MVP can be honest!


I'll guide you through the process of creating an MVP, without any technical concerns!

Every one of us has ideas that we would like to transform into something tangible. It could be an app that solves people’s everyday problems or an innovative product that might change the market. To achieve this, we first need a test version of our idea – an MVP. This way, we can check if our idea makes sense in the real world and if people will genuinely be interested in what we have to offer.

But creating an MVP is not a piece of cake. Even if we have a brilliant idea, its realization might be more challenging than it seems. A lack of experience, technical barriers, or ambiguities in the plan can lead to delays and frustrations. We certainly don’t want to lose motivation or money before our idea gets a chance to succeed.

That’s why I’m here for you. As an experienced developer and software architect, I can help you turn your idea into a functioning product. I’m familiar with all the pitfalls of creating an MVP and know how to avoid them. Together, we can make your idea a reality, and you can present it to your customers.

You can count on me


I have 10 years of experience as a developer and 3 years as a tech leader and software architect. In the past year, I collaborated with the company Vue Storefront, where we jointly built the MVP for the VSF Console product.


I don't limit myself to just programming. I understand business needs and tailor technologies to serve the strategic goals of your company. My approach ensures solutions that are not only technically excellent but also aligned with market realities.

Lead time

My priority is to deliver a functional product in the shortest possible time. When working on an MVP, I focus on the key features that allow for quick implementation and gathering feedback from users. This enables iterative refinement of the product based on specific needs and feedback.

Quality assurance

I understand how important it is for you that your project is executed according to expectations and brings real benefits. After each iteration, I present the completed solutions, giving you the opportunity to assess progress and decide whether they meet your expectations. My goal is not only to deliver a product but above all, your complete satisfaction with the project execution.

Copyright and intellectual property.

Upon completion of the project and finalizing all formalities, all copyrights and intellectual property related to the created MVP will be fully transferred to you as the client. This means that you will have full rights to use, modify, distribute, and any other forms of product exploitation without any restrictions.

Technology and tools

Choosing the right technologies and tools is crucial for the success of every MVP project. Here are the technologies and tools I most frequently use in my work: React, NextJS, Vercel, NestJS, Supabase, Cloud Run, Pub/sub, BigQuery.

MVP without expensive software houses? With me, it's simple.

Hello, this is Marcin Kwiatkowski.

I am a programmer and technical leader with many years of experience. Creating software has been something I’ve been doing for years. Recently, I was the technical leader of a team building the Vue Storefront Console product.

Before creating my offer, I often wondered why so many entrepreneurs struggle with the challenge of turning their innovative ideas into functioning products. I realized that a lack of technical support could be a barrier to success. Moreover, I fully understand the concerns of small business owners who don’t want to spend money on expensive agencies, looking for more effective solutions at a reasonable price.

In response to these challenges, I’ve focused my skills on helping entrepreneurs build MVPs. Although I am just beginning to build my private portfolio, I am confident in the value and effectiveness of my approach. My determination and focus on your project guarantee that together we will create a product that meets your expectations. If you’re looking for a personalized approach and a fresh perspective, I’m here to help.

I promise you not just technical support, but also a partnership approach to your project. Together, we will transform your vision into tangible results that bring value to your business. Contact me today, and see how we can collaboratively realize your dreams of having your own product!

Marcin Kwiatkowski

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Frequently asked questions

MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is a version of a product with a minimal set of features that allows for its quick deployment and gathering feedback from users.

The MVP development service is primarily intended for entrepreneurs and startup owners who want to quickly introduce their product to the market and gauge user reactions.

Not necessarily. Of course, the more well-thought-out the idea, the better, but we can work together to refine the concept and adapt the MVP to your needs.

The implementation time depends on the complexity of the project. After the initial consultation, I will be able to estimate the time needed.

Costs are determined individually depending on the scope of the project and requirements. Please contact me for a quote.

Yes, I offer technical support after MVP implementation. Details of support are agreed individually.

I use a variety of technologies and tools tailored to the needs of a specific project. Thanks to this, we can provide a solution optimally suited to your idea. The technologies I work with every day are React, NextJS, Vercel, Supabase, SQL, Cloud Run, BigQuery, Pub/Sub and others.

Yes, I guarantee full confidentiality and security of all information provided to me.

Of course! I am open to your suggestions and feedback during the implementation of the project. Remember, however, that large changes may affect the cost and implementation time.

Please fill out the contact form on my website or contact me directly by e-mail/telephone. I will be happy to answer all questions and discuss the details of cooperation.