What others say about me

Eric Erway - Group Product Manager, Adobe Commerce

"Marcin is a significant part of the success of the Magento / Adobe community and our work with PWA Studio and Venia”

“Working with Marcin was a delight, and I truly hope that this was only one in many more opportunities to come in the near future”

Bartosz Picho - Engineering Director at Divante

“If you are looking for a guy that can solve any problem, Marcin is that guy!”
Cezary Olejarczyk
CEO at Open Loyalty
“he's one of the most reliable software engineers I've got a chance to work with. ”
Piotr Karwatka
CTO at Divante
“I can sleep peacefully when we work together. Our cooperation brings satisfying effects”
Robert Pakszys
CEO At Infigo
“What characterizes him is a very strong can-do attitude and passion for what he is working on.”
Tomasz Radwan - Magento / PHP Developer