AI: defeat the enemy, or make friends?

AI defeat the enemy, or make friends
Generative artificial intelligence is rapidly integrating into our digital world, sparking debates about its potential to replace humans. Content created by artificial intelligence offers value similar to human-generated content. The use of this technology can increase productivity and balance, adjusting to find harmony through focus, not just efficiency.

Generative AI has entered our world, especially the digital world, with a boot. We hear voices that AI will replace humans, which is already happening.

AI can create content marketing. You can write the text using various tools and it ranks well in Google. As it turns out, such text is not banned by the search engine because for Google Search, as for humans, what matters is the value of the text.

Humans take a long time to be good writers and generative AI is already taught to write texts that read well. In this context, as in my “Find the Balance” newsletter, generative AI can be a tool that makes life easier, allowing us to focus on what really matters – our well-being and personal lives.

Programmers, code knights, especially juniors who can talk about programming but have difficulty writing code, can benefit from AI tools, just as readers of my newsletter benefit from advice on how to find harmony in the dynamic world of technology.

People are divided into two camps against Generative AI. The first group sees excellent potential in AI, using it at work as a tool for tedious tasks. The second group, the Heroes, are fighting AI and will never use it. Perhaps there is a third group – unaware of AI.

Our world has already seen many transformations: from horse to car, cassette to CD and then to Ipod, from letters to instant communication such as WhatsApp or Telegram. Each time militants were defending the current technology. Now we have the same thing with AI.

In my opinion, AI will be the primary tool one uses in work and life in a few years. Making friends with this technology will allow you to do the things you do with less effort. This aligns with my newsletter’s philosophy: it’s not about doing less but achieving more by focusing on what matters.

Are you an enemy of AI? There is a way to beat it. Make friends with him and discover how to balance ambition and productivity with peace and well-being.

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